Poem 2.Our glorious mother _ Georgia


10th Sep 2019

This poem won First prize in poem contest on the occasion of mother Mary bday… ( 9th& 10thstd grp sunday school, Holy trinity Church )

Our glorious mother

Mother of all
Never-ending beauty
She always hears our call
Praising her is our duty

Created to love by God
Grown to be kind
She accepted the plan of Lord
Nowhere else such care we’ll find.

She knows our needs
Knows to fulfill them
She admires our deeds
Seated as our eyes gem.

Queen of earth
Xavier from heaven
She brings happiness and mirth
Gives glory to all men.

Her mercy filled words
Glorious expressions
Her sweet voice like birds
Can cure all depressions

She answers our prayers
Teaches us to obey
With her no sadness to bear
In our hearts, she stays

A statue of motherhood
To love and care, she tells us
She made sacrifices that nobody would
By giving her only son Jesus.


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