1.The Invasion _ Georgia

The Invasion _ Georgia

Chpt : The intruder

The space research centre was incomplete without Seera; the head of the research team. She was a disciplined and intelligent brain. She was just brilliant in what she did. She could not stand latecomers or indiscipline. That is why on Friday , her co-workers disappointed her. They hadn’t shown up yet. It was an important meeting which was at stake. She couldn’t do anything but wait. Seera was bubbling with anger looking at her watch.

She did not like wasting time so she decided to check the presentation. As soon as she opened her pouch and took out her pendrive, her co-workers had arrived. Seera calmed herself down and heard their stupid excuses. She did not scold them but made them realize the importance of the meeting and rushed in the office room. The office room was blooming with ideas when it was Seera’s turn for her presentation. She was working on ‘The life beyond Earth’ topic since months. She hurriedly took out her pouch and started looking for her hard work.

In just a few seconds, she went from happy to disheartened. Everybody could make out that something was wrong. She had lost her pendrive, her hard work. She was struck with fear. It was very important to her. Seera just couldn’t stop regretting herself for her clumsy behavior. All of a sudden there was a voice from behind. “Are you looking for this?”, asked somebody in an unfamiliar voice. Seera turned to find her pendrive in somebody else’s hand. “Yes”, she said in confusion. “Who are you?”, asked Seera to the intruder in the office room. “Well Mam, it’s Raisha, the new joinee.”


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