10. The Invasion _ Georgia

The Invasion _ Georgia

Chpt 10: The flying saucer

” Dad I want a UFO.”, Nian requested his father. Seera said,” Yes, it can be a UFO!” She went and kissed Nian’s forehead and said,“Thank you.” The peon was honoured and confused at the same time. Raisha, Siam and Ryan we’re in shock. “A UFO”, they exclaimed. “Yes! Why could it not be a UFO?”, Seera asked in curiosity. “You mean an alien UFO?”, Raisha asked with disbelief.

“You believed in aliens why could you not believe in a UFO?”, Seera asked. Raisha agreed to Seera. Siam and Ryan too believed in Seera’s theory and started to learn more about the lightning. Suddenly a news flashed on the screen. ‘There was a small star cutting through brightness of the day seen in the sky which was recorded by a boy in the place named Jamen’. Seera inquired about the location and it came out that the lightning had struck in the Rosefarm village and the star had appeared in Royalstan which is two kilometers away.

Ryan said in amusement,” They are definitely aliens. The star that the news tells us is a UFO or a flying saucer.” Seera agreed to him. Raisha and Siam also noded their head in agreement.“But why would they attack us. I believe they want to harm us.”, Siam said in fear. Seera thought to herself for a while and then said confidently,” Or maybe they are here to research about us.” “Then why would they attack?”, Raisha asked. “To know our strengths and weaknesses.”, Seera replied. Seera finally connected the dots and said,” When they struck the tree with the lightning, huge masses had collected there. That way they must have known that we are aware and intelligent. I think they must have been researching about us even before we knew. They are much more intelligent than I thought. Maybe they will attack again to check whether we attack back.”

Siam started clapping, Raisha and Ryan joined in. Seera thanked them. “But how do you know so much?”, they asked. Seera just got carried away by her thoughts. Her teenage memories flashed in front of her eyes. ” If not on Mars, I know there is life in some unknown planet and I will find out which planet it is before they know about us.”, the boy said. “But what if they attack us first?”, small Seera asked. ” They will test our powers before they actually attack and that is the time we need to be prepared. They will attack each aspect that they find powerful.”, said the boy. She was still in her memories when Raisha shouted,” What one more lightning?” looking at her phone. She was showing Seera the phone but she was in her own wonderland.

She shook Seera and woke her up. “What happened?”, asked Seera in a puzzled tone. “There was a lightning near the same place and now two people got injured.”, Raisha answered. “What?”, Seera said in terror.

to be continued…


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