2. The Invasion _ Georgia

The Invasion _ Georgia

Chpt 2: The great clue

“Come in”, said Seera swiftly starting her presentation. Her presentation was full of images of the moon; it’s surface, it’s spots, about the soil and then came a small chip; a memory chip.“What was about the memory chip?”, asked the confused people in the office room.

“It is the chip which doesn’t belong to earth.”, said Seera confidently. “This chip belongs to somebody who is not known to earth.”, she said. The deep faces in the office room gave Seera the hint that everybody was clueless. So she explained that the photo of the memory chip was taken when the ‘Mission to the Moon’ took place 6 months ago.

This chip was ignored confusing it with a normal chip. But luckily the photographs were taken. “When I studied this chip, it looks as identical as a normal memory card but when we take a closer look, there are 8 numbers printed on the top which are not clear in the photographs. It is designed very differently not like humans. “, continued Seera.

“Why is it so important to learn this chip?”, asked an inquisitive mind. Seera answered,“We all know that life can exist even beyond Earth. When we research about different life forms in the universe and send satellites then why can’t there be different living creatures who are not aware of the human race and would try to research about us?” The stunned co-researcher Mr.Tyan couldn’t control his laugh.

Smiling, he said,

” Are we writing a comic. Do you have any proofs?” “

The proof is right in front of you.”, said Seera looking into his eyes with confidence. “If the chip doesn’t belong to humans then whom does it belong to? If my calculations are correct then they are much advanced then us. They are going to reach us within no time. They have navigated the moon and their next destination is our earth. They will try to be our friends or enemies. We need to be prepared for everything because who knows they might have discovered us “

The gazing astonished people couldn’t stop but ask,” Who are they?”.

“They might be the living creatures unknown to science and mankind; maybe aliens.

‘said Seera. Mr. Tyan said in complete disbelief,” It could be a normal chip dropped by our cameras. Maybe you should research more about it and we meet next time.

Meeting dismissed.” Seera was really exhausted after the argument so she decided to have coffee in the canteen before resuming for work. She found Raisha there and decided to thank her for the pendrive. As she was approaching her, Seera heard Raisha mumbling on her phone,“7821”. Seera asked her,

‘What is it that you’re murmering?” ” It’s my pin that I keep forgetting “,said Raisha.“I forgot my wallet today, I just found my card so I was trying to remember the pin.” “I can pay for you.”, said Seera. Seera was enlightened to help her co-worker Raisha. She paid her bill in the canteen and thanked her for the pendrive. It seems that while rushing to the office room Seera kept her pendrive on the table. Raisha found it on the table near the canteen and brought it to the meeting and found the owner.

“I believe in your theory about aliens. Ma’am I believe that it is true.”, said Raisha with a determined look. Seera was surprised. When nobody took her theory seriously ,why would a new joinee who doesn’t even know her well, show that much belief in her work. Seera couldn’t resist but ask, ” Raisha, how come nobody believed in my alien theory and you are so sure that it’s true?” Raisha came forward with a sly smile and whispered in Seera’s ear,“Because, I am an alien too.”

to be continued…


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