3. The Invasion _ Georgia

The Invasion _ Georgia

Chpt: The new friendship

“What?”, Seera said in a confused tone. “Yes”, said Raisha. “Since childhood people around me called me an alien because of my interest in space. I loved reading about stars and galaxies.” Seera calmed herself down listening to the explanation. “And so your parents made you a space scientist, right?”, asked Seera in amusement. “No Ma’am, I don’t have parents. In my childhood, my gaurdians always told me that my parents live in the stars. I used to spend nights looking for them.”

“Oh!”, said Seera in a low tone. It seemed that her happiness was thrown out of the window and sadness had taken over. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked that.”, said Seera in a disheartened tone. “No worries, Ma’am and that’s why I became a space scientist.”, continued Raisha. Seera thought that maybe she had hurt Raisha but her face glowed flawlessly. She was very friendly and Seera had figured it out. Without wasting time Seera asked her to complete her work and she was leaving for her work as well. “But Ma’am…”, said Raisha. “Call me Seera.”, interrupted Seera. “Ok”, said Raisha in agreement.

“You heard my story but what about your story?”, asked Raisha with a smile. “What so you mean?”, said Seera baffled. Raisha asked, “Why did you become a space scientist? What’s your story behind it.” This question just made Seera travel into her memories. Seera’s faded memories flashed in front of her eyes.

It was Seera’s childhood. She was playing with a boy with a paper rocket in a park. They flew it high and ran chasing it. They were so happy playing together. The boy said in amazement, “We’ll once fly in a real rocket that reaches much higher than the clouds.” “Yes and it will be fun.”, said small Seera with joy in her eyes. The paper rocket just crashed into the puddle and her day dream broke. “Seera, tell me why did you become a space scientist?”, asked Raisha. “No, there is no story. I just loved science, that’s why.”, answered Seera with a puzzled look. “Really? It doesn’t seem like it looking at your face though.” said Raisha suspecting a lie.

“No, nothing…”, Seera’s answer is interrupted by an alarm in the research centre. Raisha was shocked by this. “What is this alarm for?”, Raisha asked. “It is an alarm for meteor crash.”, said Seera .

to be continued…


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