4. The Invasion _ Georgia

The Invasion _ Georgia

Chpt 4: The disappearing rock

There was chaos in the research centre after the alarm. Without wasting any time Seera rushed to her cabin for details. “Where is the meteor spotted?”, asked Seera in the microphone. “Please keep me updated.”, she continued. “The meteorite has been spotted by one of our satellites very close to earth. It has reached near Earth.”, informed Ryan, the chief satellite engineer looking at the satellite picture.

” What is it’s size? Will that cause distress to the people? At what speed is it travelling? Answer me.”, ordered Seera. “It looks like a star. It is thrice as big as a meteor towards the south-east region of earth.”, answered Raisha. Seera was confused as a big meteor like that would be spotted by other satellite far beyond and not directly near the earth. “It is travelling with a speed of 8 km/sec and that’s strange for such a big meteor.”, said Mr.Tyan in a baffled tone. The meteor had reached in viscinity of earth and it would take 2 hours to enter Earth’s atmosphere. After reaching the Earth’s atmosphere it would strike anytime as informed by the crew.

“Exactly at what location would the meteor crash?Do we have access to location?”, asked Seera looking at her watch. “It would crash in the Pacific ocean but the speed cannot be imagined.”, said Raisha. Such a big meteor was travelling with such an unpredictable slow speed. “Should we inform the media?”, asked Raisha. “Please check whether there are any ships at the point of crash. Will that crash cause a tsunami?”, said Seera completely ignoring Raisha’s question. “Luckily, there are no ships in the Pacific ocean even near the location but when the speed is unpredictable we cannot predict about to the tsunami, Seera.”, said Ryan gazing into the computer.

“We should not reveal it to the media, right now, there will be just panic and confusion but no solution.”, said Seera looking at Raisha. “But what if there’s a tsunami?”, asked Raisha in a low tone. “Chaos causes more problems than a tsunami ever will.”, answered Seera with a bold look. “What are our orders?”, asked the office room. “Pray to God that the tragic tsunami wouldn’t place.”, said Seera storming out of the cabin.

Seera had ordered coffee and was already in a shock thinking about the future tragedy that was about to happen. All the members of the team were shaken with this news. They couldn’t do anything but stare at the computer screen showing the meteor reaching for earth. Terror had taken over. Everyone was just hoping that nothing wrong would happen but the meteor wouldn’t stop. It came near and near. After a while there was an announcement in the intercom.” The meteor has entered the Earth’s atmosphere.”, the microphone screamed. Everybody joined their hands and surrendered to God. That day , it looked less like a research centre but more like a temple where many believers had wished for the same thing.

The meteor was strange in itself and it became stranger after entering the Earth’s gravitational pull. It moved with a constant speed unlike other meteors whose speed increases after entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Everyone was startled but more startled about the fact that it would collide. It moved close to the earth and the heart beats were heard in a loud noise. Now, it was just 10 minutes away from the Earth’s atmosphere.

There was complete silence in the research centre. Everybody had closed their eyes as they were petrified. This silence was pitch dark. Suddenly the message was conveyed from the departments,” The meteor crashed but it did not create a tsunami.” There was screams of joy in the room but more confusion rose with the next message,” The meteor did not fall into the ocean. We did not find any remnants of it. It seems that it disappeared in the Earth’s atmosphere.”

to be continued…

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