5. The Invasion _ Georgia

The Invasion _ Georgia

Chpt 5: The lost planet

“What? How is that possible?”,

Seera expressed her shock. The baffled members were taken aback by the disappearing rock. They were all thinking about the incident.” We don’t need to think about anything. The meteor did not crash and it did not exist for the world. We are free guys.”, said Tyan in pride.” But what about our doubts about the meteor? How is that even possible?”, said Seera in distress. “Your problem is that you want to find answers to all the questions in the world that doesn’t even exist.”, said Tyan in anger. “And your problem is that you don’t want to find answers even to the existing questions.”, replied Seera with a frown.

The crew members were shocked by the heated argument. Seera stormed out of the cabin and went out to breathe some fresh air. She gazed into the sky looking for hope. Moments later, Raisha came with a boy approaching Seera. He was fair and tall almost like a model. Seera was too upset to talk. She almost ignored Raisha overlooking the boy. “We have got a solution here.”, said Raisha in an overjoyed tone. “What good can happen now?”, said Seera in a depressed voice. “That’s why I got you… Tadaa…”, said Raisha pointing out to Siam. He was in the team too. Seera had seen him but ” Of what help is he? Is he going to answer my doubts?”, her heart cried.

“He has also the same views about the chip and the meteor.”, said Raisha cheerfully. Seera was still confused. “Hii, I am Siam, one of the engineers.”, introduced Siam. “I totally believe that something wrong is going on with our planet. I had researched about a planet far from the viscinity of earth five years ago. It was like a planet but was considered a star because it had no orbit. It was visible only when our satellite revolved around Mars. We would research about it only when it came at a certain angle. All of a sudden, the planet disappeared in thin air.”, he continued. “But what is there in connection with my story?”, asked Seera’s restlessness.

“The meteor was the same shape and size of the planet and both disappeared mysteriously.”, said Siam. The shock was seen on Seera’s face.” What, how can that be? Wow.”, reacted Seera. “I also researched about the chip. There are four numbers which are repeated twice but they aren’t clear.”, informed Siam. “Wow, that’s amazing!”, said Seera with a glow on her face. “But why didn’t you inform Tyan about this?”, asked Seera. “During the time of the unknown planet, Mr.Tyan was the head of the team and after it’s disappearance he shut the research as the planet did not exist for him.”, answered Siam.

“So you both are the victims of ‘Tyanaria’, right?”, asked Raisha with a hearty laugh. “Yes”, answered Seera and Siam in chorus. “But what is our next plan?”, asked Raisha in an excited tone. “We have got the clues. Now we can prove that something needs to be fixed.”, said Seera’s energetic voice. ‘We can do it’ shouted the trio full of confidence but the question calmed them down like the bubbles in the soda bottle. “Will Tyan agree to this? Will he be convinced by our research?” There were many question but only one answer ‘hope’.

Cheerfully Seera said,“Do your part and leave the rest on fate. We’ll continue our research and when we have all the necessary proofs then we’ll approve it .” This gave motivation to both of them. They agreed with a head shake. “But, this should be a secret mission. Mr.Tyan should not know about it.”, ordered Seera.

“What should Mr.Tyan not know?”, asked Tyan with a deep look.

to be continued…


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