6. The Invasion _ Georgia

The Invasion _ Georgia

Chpt 6: The problematic control room

Tyan was staring the trio. “That…no…we…”, Raisha choked on words. Siam’s face turned pale with fear. Seera was also frightened but gathered herself and stood a step ahead. “What?”, she asked bravely. “I heard my name. What are you guys talking about me?”, said Tyan. “We were talking about Baan, the next Mars expedition and not Tyan. We do not have time to waste here.”, Seera said and stormed inside the office. Raisha and Siam rushed after her leaving Tyan in confusion. “Something is wrong.”, Tyan said to himself.

The daily activities in the research centre went on as normal. At night it was hard for Seera to sleep as her mind was up thinking a solution to the meteor mystery. The next day was special as the officer from the ministry of science and research was scheduled to attend the space research centre. Seera was excited as she did not know as to what was the purpose of his visit. All the members had assembled the next morning. The whole centre was disciplined. There walked in Mr. Rayal in his formals. His badges we’re shining like gold. It seemed that he was very honest and unaware of corruption. He came inside, greeted the members and started speaking about the important matters as to why they had assembled.

“The old missions and endeavours that our space research centre has achieved are all marked on paper. They are collecting dust and using too much space in the control room. They should be made digital. We have decided that the information should be stored on the computer in the ministry and the files will be discarded thereafter. I give this responsibility to Mr.Tyan to check the no. of files and their data today itself and tomorrow, it’s Sunday, so the files will be collected from here tommorrow. Mr.Tyan please complete the checking and inform us. That’s all. Assembly dismissed.”, said Mr.Rayal and departed out of the building.

‘The lost planet has to be found to find the meteor’ shouted Seera’s mind ‘But the responsibility is with Tyan. If not now then never.’, she murmured to herself. Soon, her mind came up with a plan. She messaged Siam and Raisha- Meet at 11 pm outside the office tonight. They noded their heads looking at their phones. Everybody left after their work was completed that day but Seera’s plan was still to be executed. Everybody including Tyan left the office.

The trio met at the entrance and luckily the watchmen were on rounds. They entered inside with less problem.There was only one problem ‘the surveillance cameras’ but Raisha tapped a few keys on the computer and jammed the cameras for a while. “I didn’t know that you could do that.” said Seera in a surprised tone. “I loved hacking my friends social media accounts as a kid.” said Raisha. They walked slowly making no sound. Siam said in excitement,” I’ve never sneaked into our office ever.” “Yes, we sneak here everyday.”, replied Raisha in a sarcastic tone. Seera laughed covering her mouth. Soon, they were near the door inside which lied all of the answers to Seera’s questions- the control room. Siam and Raisha asked,” Why are we here? What are we doing here?” Seera replied, “I need the information about the lost planet and it’s in here till morning.” Their confused faces asked but why? “I believe that as Siam said there is a strong connection between the meteor and the planet and we will figure it out.”, Seera whispered. She began looking for how the door could be opened. They didn’t have the key. She was unable to do it.

Siam came forward and said,“Let me do it.” He took out a nail cutter from his pocket and attacked the key hole. He was successful, obviously , after a few tries. “Very good.”, Raisha appreciated. “Thankyou.”, he said in happiness. Seera ordered them not to waste time and they went in. They tip-toed through the room. “What year was the lost planet recorded?”, Seera asked looking at the files. “It was 2007.”, answered Siam. There were 294 files of that year containing information about stars and planets. Siam was looking over the shelves and Raisha and Seera concentrated on the drawers.

Suddenly the door opened. The trio exchanged fearful glances. They saw a shadow of a man standing at the door asking,” Who is it?”

to be continued…


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