7. The Invasion _ Georgia

The Invasion _ Georgia

Chpt 7: The missing file

The shadow came near and turned on the lights. Seera closed her eyes in surrender. Siam and Raisha also accepted defeat but the man did not speak. There was pin drop silence in the room. Seera gathered courage and opened her eyes. She was awe-struck looking at the man. It was Ryan, the satellite engineer. Seera witnessed the shocked people in the room and asked,” What are you doing here Ryan?” “I came here to collect some in information about the meteor.”, Ryan answered still confused. “And why are you all here?”, he continued.

“We came here for finding answers about the lost planet and the meteor.”, answered Raisha. “Whar? I also believe that there’s connection between them.”, said surprised Ryan.“I was also there in the research of the planet near Mars.”, he continued. “Then join the club brother.”, said Siam giving a hug to Ryan. “Let’s go, we have a lot of work.”, ordered Seera. They began looking for the files in every nook and corner from 242 files from 2007. Finally Seera and Siam found the file and Raisha clicked photographs of the file and captured the information in them. They quietly left the room without leaving any clues.

Seera was happy about their mission and was determined to find answers to her questions. On Sunday, the files were sent to the authorities. Monday was as busy as always. But somebody was stranded; it was a parcel that the peon was holding. The information on it read, For Mr.Tyan from the ministry. The man was confused and couldn’t find Tyan so he gave it to Seera. Seera suspected that it was for the meeting. She wanted to peep what was inside but it was against her morals. She decided to wait until the meeting and passed the parcel to Tyan.

In the meeting, Tyan came and stood in pride. “Today the reports of the files have come from the ministry. I present to you the statistical data about the files sent yesterday. Please take notes.”, he said. Everybody was ready with their pen, paper and laptop. “There were hundred files in 2005, 52 files in 2006, 240 files in 2007…”, he continued. “Sir, there were 242 files in 2007.”, said Siam. “No. What are you talking about? I checked them thoroughly and my counting is correct.”, said Tyan with a unpredictable look.

“No. Siam is saying the truth. I feel we have the photographs of the missing file. Raisha please show it to Mr.Tyan.”, Seera replied. “No Ma’am, I don’t.”, answered Raisha.

to be continued…
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