8. The Invasion _ Georgia

The Invasion _ Georgia

Chpt 8: The broken heart

“How will I have any photographs? Seera Ma’am. I think you are day-dreaming.”, said Raisha in a rebellious tone. “But…..”, Siam started but Seera shut him up. Seera was in a great confusion. “It’s okay. It’s my fault. I’m sorry.”, Seera said in a disheartened tone looking at Raisha. “It’s okay but don’t pull my name in anything I’m not involved in.”, Raisha said looking at Seera and turning towards Tyan,” Sir you continue with your report.”, she continued.

Seera, Siam and Ryan were in deep problem, they felt. Their teammate just backed off that she didn’t even belong. Seera was indeed heart broken. She tried to console her with her thoughts but nothing would help. She couldn’t concentrate on the rest of the meeting. It seemed that Siam was also hurt. He was staring at Raisha with discomfort. After the meeting, the broken team met in the canteen. Everybody was expressing their anger and sadness towards the ‘traitor Raisha’ when they saw something that made their wounds even deeper. Raisha was walking with Tyan speaking something.

Raisha gave a rude look to Seera standing far away. Her eyes stuck at Seera. Seera felt some weird emotion. She couldn’t interpret it . But looking at her, Seera’s mind said something to her and she recovered from sadness. Seera said to the two men,” Let’s not waste our time. Today is a party at the Rose on the occasion of our cheif’s birthday. We are all invited.” Siam and Ryan we’re bewildered by looking at Seera’s transformation. “Um… ok … I’ll pick you both up then.”, said Ryan. “That will be cool.”, said Seera. Siam noded his head.

There in the corner, Tyan informed Raisha about the party and Raisha agreed to come. There was seen a new friendship. In the evening, Rose was blooming with guests and was very hustly bustly. The chief arrived with his wife and gave a mesmerising speech on his blissful years in the past and thanking the guests for their arrival. Then there was rock club music playing and all the people started dancing like crazy.

Seera entered in a red dress sparkling like a goddess. Siam and Ryan rocked it with formals. They came and saw Raisha and Tyan standing together drinking wine. Siam and Ryan’s face fell. They couldn’t see Raisha ditching their friendship. Seera was still confused but she decided to enjoy the party. The three of them stood at one corner and the duo stood at the bar ordering alcohol. Siam offered Seera wine but she refused as she did not like alcohol at all.

The next morning, Seera entered the office and saw Siam and Ryan waiting for her. Siam said with wrinkles on his forehead,” How are we going to solve the meteor mystery? We do not have any clues and the photographs are with traitor Raisha which I think we will never get.” Ryan and Siam were in misery of their hopeless adventure but Seera did not budge. Something was going in her mind. She was smiling like a daisy.

“It was neither a meteor nor a star, it is something else. The research says that it’s speed was not constant that means some force was driving it. Maybe it had life. I think it’s some kind of a machine or something and don’t call me a traitor.”, Raisha said cracking into a laugh. Siam and Ryan’s mouth went wide open.

to be continued…


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