9.The Invasion _ Georgia

The Invasion _ Georgia

Chpt: The shocking news

Seera gave Raisha a warm hug and said,” I knew it.” Looking at the girls, the boys were in confusion. Raisha explained,” Seera had informed me to take information from Tyan in the party, I did it.” “I think we should not talk over here. Mr.Tyan might hear our conversation.”, said Ryan in concern. “He’s still hung over from yesterday’s alcohol. He’s on a leave today.”, said Raisha winking her eye.

“It was not just a rock, there is some serious mystery behind and we would need more clues to crack it.”, she continued. “But why did you refuse to have the photographs in front of Tyan?”, said Siam still confused. “You did not understand still?”, Ryan said in a hopeless tone. He looked at Siam and left. Raisha gave Siam a stern look and left the place too. Seera couldn’t control her laugh and told Siam,“To save you, brother. You opened your mouth at the wrong place and I also answered without thinking. But all thanks to Raisha, she didn’t accept our claims and proved us day dreamers in front of Tyan and saved our jobs. Then I had a plan that more than that information in the file, Tyan would know more, so I contacted Raisha and she did it. She saved you, be thankfully to her.” She smiled and went to her cabin.

Siam was happy that Raisha was not a traitor. He stood there smiling to himself until the peon’s son ‘Nian’ woke him up from his day dream. He went from roses and daisies to files and computers. The boy was here to have lunch with his dad. He was permitted in just for few minutes and then he went outside with his father to have lunch.

The four brains met outside for lunch. They were sitting and speaking about their experience in last night’s party. Then they switched to speaking about the meteor and the planet. They were engrossed in their opinions. Ryan said that it could be a planet whose orbit is not known while Siam said that the meteor or the planet would have been hit by a big rock and moved to disappear. They all had different opinions. Raisha was scrolling through her phone and panicked. “Look at this.”, she yelled showing her mobile to them. On the screen, ran a news showing that a tree in the nearby region was struck by lightning and it burned into ashes.

Seera’s brain started working in all possible directions. Siam and Ryan calmed down and gave an ordinary look. “So what? It’s just a lightning.”, Siam said. Seera said ,” It’s summer now. The lightning isn’t supposed to strike right now, is it?” Now, they looked tensed. “What does the news say?”, said Seera with utter curiosity. “Lightning strike half hour ago. A tree was struck and turned into ashes in minutes. The estimated intensity of the lightning was 1.5 billion volts and…”, Raisha read the article loud and clear. ” It is not a natural lightning, it is some sort of an artificial lightning.”, Seera interrupted. “How come you’re so sure about it?”, asked Ryan. “The normal lightning has the power of 1 billion volts. Something or somebody is trying to recreate a lightning in disguise.

The three of them were shocked and asked,“Who?” Seera answered,” Maybe a big generator above earth or maybe a…” “A UFO.”, Nian said.

to be continued…



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